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制作年:2019年 素材:和紙に金箔、墨
作品サイズ:45.0(H)x 62.0(W) x0.1(D)cm






Year of production: 2019
Material: Japanese paper, gold leaf, ink
Size: 45.0 (H) x 62.0 (W) x0.1 (D) cm

Based on the motif of a lion figurine that I saw at a museum in Taiwan, I made an image of a shrine that may have existed in the past.

About the work:
・It is a work made by sticking gold leaf on the back side of very thin Japanese paper and drawing ink on the surface.
・In order to maintain the state of the work, it has a lining (a preservation technology that attaches another Japanese paper to the back to increase the strength).
・Sales amount includes framed and shipping (domestic only).

Regarding delivery:
・It will be shipped in about 3-5 days after placing your order.
・There is an old woman who will be shipped due to the warehouse.
・The framed work will be wrapped in cushioning material, and the one packed in the outer box will be wrapped in cushioning material and shipped.
・Domestic delivery: Delivery will be by Yamato Takkyubin.
・For overseas delivery: Delivery will be made using the delivery service specified by this online shop (shipping fee of 5,000 yen will be charged separately).

Notes on usage:
・To prevent the washi from degrading, do not install it in a place exposed to direct sunlight.
・Be careful not to get the ink wet, as the ink may bleed.
・When decorating the wall, hang it with a hook or pin that is firmly fixed so that it will not fall.